Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how.

As a personal style coach,
I help women define their individual style and build
a wardrobe that lights
them up from the
inside out.

Hi, I'm Sylvie!

— Silvia

"I needed help combining colors and putting outfits together, while looking professional and staying true to my personal style. Sylvie taught me to combine clothes, colors, and textures that reflected my personal style. I did not have to buy a lot of clothes, she helped me find key pieces to put many different outfits together. Sylvie makes it fun too!"

— Joanne M.

"Sylvie is very easy to work with, no criticism or embarrassment, did not push me out of my basic style but suggested additions I might like. She made good suggestions based on my body type and coloring. She taught me easy style tips that I can apply in real life.

— Gretchan A.

“I needed fresh eyes on my wardrobe to come up with more creative, well put together outfits for work. Since working with Sylvie, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my outfits and feel more confident. Putting outfits together has been fun and I’m working my way through the 45 outfits Sylvie came up with on my Style Lookbook. Sylvie was so encouraging and fun to work with. I appreciated the follow up as well with recommendations."

— Meg

I was stuck in a style rut and never knew what to wear. Since working with Sylvie, I always get compliments on the way I look. This makes me feel confident and totally prepared for my day.

meet sylvie

Hi, I'm Sylvie! I help busy entrepreneurs and professionals, like you, sharpen your personal style and curate a wardrobe that connects with your style and lifestyle

Unlike many focused on personal shopping only, I help you build a wardrobe using my unique, simplified process called The Style System.

I believe getting dressed can be easy when your style is defined and your wardrobe visually connects with who you are on the inside. I believe when you look good, you feel good, you can conquer your day with confidence. Take it from me and the clients I have served, anything is possible!

get ready to build a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self.

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Empowering you to dress who you are today so you can look radiant,
show your inner confidence,
and cultivate a powerful presence. 


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Build a wardrobe that leave you feeling confident through impeccable
style, fit, and convenience. 

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Uplevel your personal style with a simplified makeup routine, perfectly color-matched  to your skin that lets your inner confidence soar.