Help! I need a style refresh.
Don't worry, I've got you covered!

You opened your closet and realize you have a hot mess on your hands.

Things don’t fit.

You don’t necessarily like the clothes you have.

You got used to working from home in sweats and a blazer and you’re not quite ready to give that up yet.

 You’ve been looking online and even gone out shopping but nothing seems to excite you.

Your style tastes have changed.

Your office dress code has gotten even more casual.

You’re not sure where to shop or what you need. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Be comfortable AND look pulled together for the office

Dress for who you are today and convey your style that is unique only to you

Have more moments where you don’t have to think about what to wear so you can focus on what you do best

Have a wardrobe that compliments your work needs so you never have to run out to buy a last minute power outfit for a big meeting at work.

Wear outfits that feel like you and boost your confidence

what would it feel like to...?

All you need is a STYLE REFRESH to get re-inspired with your work wardrobe. I’ll show you how!

Step 1: Style Discovery - Through a series of self-guided exercises, you’ll Identify what's working/ not working inside your wardrobe and create a mood board for style inspiration

Step 2: 60 minute, 1-on-1 Zoom call, where I will be your guide to solve your style & fit challenges. I'll provide solutions that will help you become a more informed shopper so you can buy clothes that fit your style, your unique body, and your office dress code.

Step 3: Style Board with Shopping links will be provided for the items missing in your wardrobe to get you back to the office in style. You'll be able to purchase what you need directly from the links.

Step 4: Complimentary "Ask Sylvie" call to review what you purchased and review outfit combinations to fully integrate your newly purchased items with existing wardrobe.

here's what's included:

This style package is a perfect blend of style exploration & 1:1 coaching to give you the action plan you need to build a wardrobe so you can get dressed for work and feel authentic and amazing.

Let's Do This!

I created this package when I realized that so many women heading back to the office were struggling with what to wear, where to shop, and how to dress for more casual dress codes. 

If you can relate, maybe you've tried looking for answers on Pinterest, blogs, friends, Facebook groups and even services like Stitchfix, but you weren’t really getting the help you needed. Am I right?

Having worked in corporate for nearly 20 years, I know the struggle is real! With so many stores, brands, and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to shop and find the clothes that excite you and make you feel amazing.

I'm here to help you get excited to get dressed up again! 

about sylvie

I'm Ready!

— Silvia

"I needed help combining colors and putting outfits together, while looking professional and staying true to my personal style. Sylvie taught me to combine clothes, colors, and textures that reflected my personal style. I did not have to buy a lot of clothes, she helped me find key pieces to put many different outfits together. Sylvie makes it fun too!"

— Joanne M.

"Sylvie is very easy to work with, no criticism or embarrassment, did not push me out of my basic style but suggested additions I might like. She made good suggestions based on my body type and coloring. She taught me easy style tips that I can apply in real life.

— Gretchan A.

“I needed fresh eyes on my wardrobe to come up with more creative, well put together outfits for work. Since working with Sylvie, I’ve gotten so many compliments on my outfits and feel more confident. Putting outfits together has been fun and I’m working my way through the 45 outfits Sylvie came up with on my Style Lookbook. Sylvie was so encouraging and fun to work with. I appreciated the follow up as well with recommendations."


5 stars all around

Are you ready to Wear Outfits that feel like you and Boost Your Confidence?

I'm here to help you get excited to get dressed up again! 

Let's Go!