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Brighten Your Mood with Style


September 20, 2021



This past week I noticed a woman at my co-working space wearing a bright floral dress with snow boots.

Other people noticed too and complimented how great she looked and how refreshing it was to see such a bright bold outfit.

It sparked a conversation on how so many of us gravitate towards neutral dark colors, especially in the winter.

The woman in the bright dress inspired me to wear the brightest top I own along with my snow boots.

style fashion trend

It is true what they say…

what you wear can affect your mood.

Sooo…if you’ve got the case of the winter blah’s, let this post inspire you to wear something bold, bright, and beautiful to boost your mood!

It can be a coat, accessory, top, shoes, scarf, even a mask…you pick.

Here’s the thing…don’t wait until you have somewhere to go, wear it now! I wore this outfit to the grocery store and shined bright like a star (even though I was bundled up in my coat and scarf!)


Colorful mood board for more inspiration…


   style fashion trendstyle fashion trendstyle fashion trendstyle fashion trend

Are you inspired to wear something colorful and bright this week? Or is wearing colors already a part of your winter style?

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